I'd like to remove the “Free Blog Website Templates” link. Can I do this?

If you would like to remove the “Free Blog Website Templates” link from the footer of a template / website all I ask is for a donation of £20.00 GBP. You must also contact me with the URL of the site that will not be displaying the “Free Blog Website Templates” link. This is to ensure that I do not contact you in the future asking you why you have removed the “Free Blog Website Templates” link.


What are your website templates written in?

All of my website templates are written entirely in XHTML and CSS3. No tables are used for the layout or styling in any of the website templates. This combination of XHTML and CSS3 ensures that the websites are forward compatible, quick loading and easily customisable.


If I download a template do I need to know how to write HTML?

If you download a website template then you will need to know a small amount of html, so that you can edit the template html file(s) and insert your own web content.


Can I modify / customize the template?

Yes. You can modify and customize the template as much as you want, providing you retain the “Website Template by Free Blog Website Templates” link in the footer of the template. See first FAQ question on how to remove this link.


The template has a contact form. How does this work?

A contact form requires some method of emailing the contents of the form to an email address. The most common way to do this is to use some kind of server script (PHP for example). I would be happy to send you a PHP contact form for your chosen template (in exchange for a £20.00GBP donation), simply contact me for more details.